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Eastern Greens and Livestock is a leading Agri-farming company in the East of Africa that is focused on rearing animals in very innovative modern standards, growing orchards and transforming the environment of the arid region by planting trees.

Chicken EGL

Animal welfare

Instincts and needs of the chicken

We see the chicken as an animal with instincts and needs. Chickens are forest birds. They don’t like open plains and certainly not rain. That’s why we imitated a natural wooded environment for the chickens, with plenty of variety, daylight, fresh outdoor air inside and plenty of free-range around the farm. The park is fenced off and covered with a net, which considerably reduces the danger from other birds and animals. In the case of bird flu, the consequences are less serious than with other free range systems.

Closed-loop farming

No food waste

Did you know that over 70% of all agricultural land on the world is used for cattle feed? This has an enormous influence on the ecosystem, biodiversity and nature. Therefore EGL does not use any agricultural land. We feed our chickens with a new, specially developed feed made from residual flows of, for example, large bakeries. But that is also the reason why we are not organic. Our chicken feed exists for 95% of leftovers and 5% of vitamins and minerals. The Carbon footprint of a kilo EGL feed is 50% smaller compared with standard chicken feed.

Minimum of fine particle emission

Healthy air quality

We reduce the fine particle emission to an absolute minimum. We use techniques that are also applied in hospitals and garages. This gives an excellent air quality in the farm that is good for the farmer and our chickens.


Future worthy

EGL strengthens the position of Kenya regarding development and realisation of climate-neutral, sustainable food systems. We show that animal welfare is definitely a realistic option in combination with environmentally friendliness as well as financial feasibility.