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Eastern Greens and Livestock is a leading Agri-farming company in the East of Africa that is focused on rearing animals in very innovative modern standards, growing orchards and transforming the environment of the arid region by planting trees.



Eastern Greens and Livestock Limited (EGL) found a better way of contributing to local sustainable development by behaving like partners with the local community instead of patriarchs. This has resulted in EGL obtaining a social license to operate without creating a culture of dependency from those around us.

We have embarked on building roads in and around our community which is a way of EGL giving back in the environment in which we operate. We have also engaged in finite CSR projects through building and equipping of hospitals and offering education to the less privileged.

Eastern Greens and Livestock Limited being an inclusive business adapts its business models to engage with our community by including them as our first clients, employees, and suppliers and by this, EGL builds real ties with the communities, exchanging patronization with a willingness to invest and do business on a more level playing field.

As more income leads to more spending within the local economy, which again creates more income and more spending, the multiplier effect of EGL being an all-encompassing company grows exponentially giving the local economy a chance to develop independently from the company.