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Eastern Greens and Livestock is a leading Agri-farming company in the East of Africa that is focused on rearing animals in very innovative modern standards, growing orchards and transforming the environment of the arid region by planting trees.

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Orange and Lemon farming in Kenya is a guaranteed money maker for serious farmers. These fruits belong to the citrus family. The cultivation of these fruits is a long term investment. Because they are tree crops, they require a longer waiting time. This can take upwards of 3 to 6 years before they start to bear fruits. However, the length of time it takes depends on the variety. There are several varieties of oranges and lemon. These also include genetically modified ones which have been fairly recent. Also these trees range in sizes.

Typically, there are those that range from 17 to 23 feet tall as well as the dwarf varieties. These reach a height that ranges from 8 to 12 feet. Our focus here is to guide you on how to start orange and lemon farming in Kenya.

These have a high market value in Kenya. They are rich sources of Vitamin C which is a water soluble nutrient that improves body immunity. Orange and lemon are consumed in a variety of ways. They can be consumed fresh by peeling off the skin or pressed for juice. They are also used to make lemonades as well as marmalade. A good news about these citrus fruits is that you can cultivate them anywhere in Kenya.

The weather makes it very favorable. Cultivating them for economic purposes requires a sizeable land. This is to ensure adequate spacing for the trees. Orange and lemon trees grow best on sandy-loam soils. Therefore this should be one of the criteria to look out for when selecting a land.