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Eastern Greens and Livestock is a leading Agri-farming company in the East of Africa that is focused on rearing animals in very innovative modern standards, growing orchards and transforming the environment of the arid region by planting trees.

Avocado Trees EGL


In Eastern Kenya, avocadoes do well in Kangundo, Mua Hills, Kathiani (Iveti hills), parts of Mbooni, all in Machakos County, and the high potential areas of the larger Embu and Meru counties.


They include the following;

  • Fuerte – bears thin skinned green-pebbled fruit of very good flavour. It has many lines with different shapes. The pear shaped fruit is preferred for export.
  • Haas- bears medium-sized, rounded, rough-skinned, black fruits.
  • Nabal – its fruits are green with a good flavour.
  • Puebla- bears deep purple to maroon round fruits and is normally used as a rootstock.
  • Others– Reed, Simmonds, Booth 7&8, Pinkerton, Bacon, Lula and Taylor

Fuerte‘ is the main variety grown in Kenya although ‘Haas‘ is developing strongly, especially among small growers. These two varieties are grown majorly for the export market. Other varieties like ‘Reed’, ‘Booth 8’, ‘Puebla’, etc. are not exported.